Our Holiday in Kenya January 2007

We arrived in Mombassa and transport was waiting to take us to The Mombassa Serena Beach Hotel where we spent the first three days relaxing, the Hotel was extremely comfortable, food was superb and the service brilliant.

We then flew to the Masai Mara and stayed four nights at the Intrepids Camp, our tent was luxurious with four poster bed, flushing toilet and piping hot showers. We managed three game drives a day and after superb dinners collapsed into bed to the sounds of Hippos in the river below our tent and Lions roaring on the opposite bank, to be awoken at 5:30 a.m. by Jefferson with a drink of hot chocolate ready for the first drive of the day at sunrise.

Back at Serena Beach as well as lazing in the sun, we managed to squeeze into the remaining 7 days of our holiday, 3 rounds of golf at Nyali Golf & Country Club, Windsurfing, Catamaran Sailing, a Dive on the Coral Reef which is part of the Mombassa Marine Park, Archery with Masai Bows and Arrows with wicked steel heads, Lobster Dinners, Water Aerobics, Sailing in a native dugout trimaran, shopping in the nearby market and visits to the Butterfly farm.

We would like to thank everyone who made our holiday so enjoyable and memorable, it is impossible to mention everyone by name but especially we would like to thank the following;-
At Serena Beach, Anastasia, Idi the coffee man (not forgetting Colonel Bogey the parrot), Lilian in the Restaurant, Shalo and his team for water sports, Sammy the butterfly man and Julius the gardener.
At Intrepids, Charles our guide, ably assisted by Kool the trainee guide, our Masai Warrior friends Dominic (whose Masai name I never did manage to pronounce!) and Johnson, Duncan in the restaurant, Jefferson our attendant, Boniface the assistant manager and Angela in reception.
At Nyali Golf Club, Brian and Awadh our caddies.
At Tobs Golf Safaris, Tob Cohen and Sarah who made all the arrangements and reservations.

There was just one disappointment, we lost our first weeks photos with our best Lion pictures due to a faulty memory card (beware of counterfeit cards sold on e-Bay!) however we did get some good snaps during the remainder of our holiday. Click on the Cheetah below to view the photos.
The pictures are best seen at full screen, F11 if you are using a PC, There are two versions, High Definition for those of you that have a fast, high bandwith connection and for slower connections a lower definition version without sound. The background music in high definition is taken from the soundtrack by John Barry of the film "Out of Africa" s well as the slow movement from Mozart's Clarinet Concerto also featured in the film, but if you prefer somthing more lively, there are also 3 tracks of music by the Zing Folk Band who entertained us at Serena Beach, so if you get tired of the first tracks just click on the music icon on the bottom right hand side of the Toolbar and change tracks!

High Definition

Lower Definition
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