School Reunion April 1994

On Sunday 24th April 1994, a reunion took place at the Talbot Hotel, Mere which was attended by 18 former pupils and their wives. James Sutton did an excellent job in organising the day, invitations had been sent to as many of the old boys from that era as could be located and an advertisment was placed in the local papers.

The highlight of the day was a visit to Zeals House which is now a private residence, the owner very kindly allowed us to roam the grounds and a tour the inside of the house which has been restored to pristine condition. Many fond memories were rekindled, one particular one of mine was, that in 1946 we were taught clay modeling by a Professor Blenkinsop and there were marks on the ceiling of the room where we, as boys had thrown up lumps of clay that had stuck on the ceiling, the clay had long since disappeared but the marks remained 50 years later.

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It was a unique experience and most interesting to meet again after so many years, while the passage of time had changed our appearances, our personalities were still the same as they were all those years ago.

The presence, at the reunion of Mrs. Sangster-Davies the principal of the present Stroud School in Romsey, and some of her staff who shared our enthusiasm for the school and its history added greatly to the occasion. The reunion would not have been the same without them and we wish to convey our warmest thanks for their support and also to James and Dale Sutton who made the day possible and who extended their hospitality to those of us who had travelled long distances for a very memorable weekend.